Best of Web – Wesley Caruso

Best of Web – Wesley Caruso

This video provides a flow visualization for the Reynold’s number comparison of turbulent versus laminar flow. When the Reynold’s number in a pipe is below 2100, Laminar flow is present and is relatively predictable due to uninterrupted parallel flow lines. On the other hand, we have turbulent flow, where the Reynold’s number is above 4000. Turbulent flow is chaotic in nature from changes in pressure and velocity but cannot be predicted in the same manner as Laminar flow.

Turbulent flow, shown in the video at 1:45 running time, has a more visually aesthetic appeal from the distorted ripples in its flow path which is why it was chosen for my best of web selection. There is an underly beauty in chaotic patterns because although they do not entirely resemble geometric shapes, they can still represent a familiar universal pattern. These flow visualizations occur in other systems, including the aerodynamics of cars, airplanes or any flow dragging against another surface.

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