Best of Web // Shalil Jain

Best of Web // Shalil Jain

For my Best of Web picture, I chose to show the picture taken by Paul Chang of the National Hurricane Center. This picture was taken obviously from a plane above the, at the time, hurricane Dorian, a category 4 storm over the Bahamas. Though this isn’t colorful or show some intricate design like many other posts do, I decided to choose this picture because it was completely naturally occurring. It demonstrates how powerful mother nature can be. Pictured above is demonstrating what the eye of the storm is looking like. Massive updrafts from below the storm and within the clouds have created a dome-like eye, with a wall of clouds exploding out from the center that is likely thousands of feet tall [1]. The air inside these clouds is incredibly unstable of course. Though this storm did ravage the Northern Bahamas, it is still hard to not appreciate the natural beauty that can be made out of even the scariest of storms. As a pilot myself, I also cannot describe the courage it takes from the pilots to fly over storms like this, as the struggle of just getting to the eye of a storm would prove to be incredibly difficult as well. This picture definitely still tells the narrative that mother nature will always remain more powerful than our species could ever dream to be.

[1] Fedschun, Travis. Hurricane hunters spot ‘stadium effect’ inside Dorian’s eye amid ‘extremely intense’ storm. Fox News. . September 2, 2019
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