Theo Petrides: Best of Web

Theo Petrides: Best of Web




As a laser enthusiast, I thought this was an awesome science and art installation.

In the photograph, there are many small round spheres which are hung from the ceiling in the form of a large 3D array. The medium for flow visualization in this scenario is the smaller translucent spheres which around surrounded by 8 laser projectors. The laser beams can reach and light up every single sphere based on their position in the 3D array. There are 12,000 total spheres and they represent a point cloud which allow the sculpture to have the appearance of dynamic motion based on the gestures of audience. The entire sculpture is interactive and uses 3D tracking systems in the room to capture the movement of visitors.

Since the entire sculpture is 3D it is also possible to display basic lines, shapes, images, and text.

The capture of this installation is great because it’s as if we were seeing life size atoms and molecules being lit up in front of our eyes.

The entire art installation (FLUIDIC) was created by WHITEvoid team: Joreg, Sebastian Gregor, Anton Mezhiborskiy (checksum5)
Daniel Teige, Marian Mentrup (hammersnail), Michael Sollinger (LaserAnimation Sollinger) for Hyundai’s exhibition at a Temporary Museum of New Design in Milan, for Milan design week.

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