Alex Thompson – “Blow it Out of the Water”

Alex Thompson – “Blow it Out of the Water”

Best of Web - Blow it Out of the Water

“Blow it Out of the Water” was a myth tested and aired in 2015 by the Mythbusters, a Discovery Channel show created by Peter Rees and presented by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. The myth was whether or not a naval ship could go airborne if a mine detonated beneath it. This image is a great representation of the art within science. The goal for the Mythbusters was to bust the myth of the flying ship by pouring hundreds of pounds of explosives into a mine and secure it under the ship on the surface. Instead what they created was a fantastic and powerful geyser-like explosion of water and water vapor into the air, destroying the ship completely.

To see a brief video of the myth, visit:

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