Best of the Web Fall 2016-KGresh

Best of the Web Fall 2016-KGresh

2016, 2016 Best of Web

Lava Flow Vis

The color, form, and texture contrast of the image is visually pleasing.  The visualization between the differing states of the viscous lava, solidified magna, and the sun, exemplify the unique fluids ubiquitous to the universe.  Additionally, the fluid ocean, steam, and clouds visually complements the differing fluid states.


Photo By: CJ Kale and Nick Selway

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  • Ryan Walker
    Sep 7, 2016 10:51

    2nd place. I love the natural beauty of the photo. Many different flows are captured from the ocean to the lava, even the steam. Despite so many different flows going on, the photographer still managed to bring it all together in a visually pleasing way.

  • Brett Sibel
    Sep 2, 2016 10:15

    First Place. What is so beautiful about this piece is that it is a mix between all the different fluids creating a symphony of colors. Although it is slightly blurry, there is something about the smoke created by the lava when it hits that water that sets this photo apart from the rest.

  • Michael Lloyd
    Sep 2, 2016 10:10

    First Prize: I love color and flow in this photo. From the dark colors of the solid rock to the light colors of the ocean spray to the dark orange of the sun and lava flow. Between the clouds, ocean, and lava, there are three forms of flow observable here in spectacular fashion


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