Best of Web 2018 | Abbie Rastatter

Best of Web 2018 | Abbie Rastatter

‘Hydrocarbon vs Ink – Implosion’

The flow visualization is driven by the Marangoni effect – the movement of fluid from lower to higher surface tensions. I was mesmerized by the quickly moving ink; the way that it at first was driven swiftly away from itself, only to gather back together in an outer ring, and later in the video as a sort of nucleus in the middle. I was reminded of galaxies but also retinal patterns as I watched this video. Truly stunning. And I just think the purple is pretty.

This visualization comes from Chemical Bouillon – I couldn’t find their names, but it’s three french guys who have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to “studying the graphic aspect of chemical reactions.”

(Original post on FYFD)

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  • Joseph Zahorik
    Feb 2, 2018 15:18

    Second place for me!
    I love the ink flow but this also mostly shows how a fluid reacts to another fluid, no?

  • Lea Mattson
    Feb 2, 2018 09:35

    3rd place. I saw this and was absolutely mesmerized. The ink moves so fast, and as I was watching it reminded me of all the things in your description. It is similar to the unimaginably small and large phenomena in the universe.

  • Lucas Sorensen
    Feb 1, 2018 22:49

    Second place. The choice of deep purple ink against a white background is very striking, and the complex chemical reactions between a liquid hydrocarbon and ink that cause this strange behavior is quite fascinating.

  • second prize. I love the movement of the ink from dark forms on white to dark background with white forms. The transition is beautifully captured!


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