Best of Web 2018 – Gabe McGann

Best of Web 2018 – Gabe McGann

Image – “Cascades, Mt. Shasta – March2017 466(Custom)”

Taken By Bubba Suess near Mt. Shasta, CA


I have selected this image because I believe it is one of the best visual examples of cloud formation over a tall geographical feature. This image depicts the formation of lenticular clouds over Mt. Shasta, a 14,179′ volcanic peak in the Cascade range of northern California. Lenticular clouds are stationary and appear above tall mountains or other objects. As moist air flows over a mountain, a series of standing waves are formed on the downwind side. If the air cools below the dew point at the crest of the waves, clouds are formed at that point. Lenticular clouds such as those depicted here are an excellent visual exemplar of how many types of clouds form around the world.

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  • Jacob Chapin
    Feb 2, 2018 11:15

    The shape of the clouds hugging the mountain is pretty awesome. Second place


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