Best of Web Spring 2018 | Turbulent vs. Laminar

Best of Web Spring 2018 | Turbulent vs. Laminar

This picture shows the difference between turbulent and laminar flow from a faucet. The left side of the picture shows the turbulent flow, and the right side shows the laminar flow. I chose this picture because I think that this is a nice visual representation of one of the most important fluid concepts. I also liked the quality of this picture, which shows to some extent the details of the flow.

The image is by Haukur Herbertsson in Flickr.


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  • Stephen Morton
    Feb 1, 2018 14:29

    2nd place – This is one of the first concepts taught in fluids, and this is a great image demonstrating the difference between laminar and turbulent flows.

  • Steven Rothbart
    Jan 31, 2018 22:22

    Third Place – I thought this image was an excellent display of turbulent versus laminar though. I would definitely show someone this image when trying to explain the concept.


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