Clouds Second – Grace Wilson

Clouds Second – Grace Wilson

Cloud type: Nimbus

taken facing the West, Boulder CO 80303, March 18, 2018 4:37 PM

skew-T: Unstable (CAPE 32.77)

To answer the questions posted by Luke: The timelapse was taken with my iPhone 6+ over the timespan of about a minute and a half, using the iphone’s timelapse feature. I don’t know exactly how much it was sped up, because I wasn’t timing the timelapse with a stopwatch as I watched the storm come in, but that was a mistake because Apple uses “dynamically selected intervals” that they have not, as a company, disclosed the ratio for.

My Second Clouds Report can be found here: :

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  • Luke Collier
    Apr 16, 2018 14:22

    Well that time lapse is neat. Over how long of a time was that taken, how much was it sped up? And was this taken with your phone, just holding it? I could see just the evolving cloud as a neat little GIF.


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