Art/Science/Engineering Discussion

Art/Science/Engineering Discussion

1. What is art? How do you know if an image is artistic?

Art defies universal description. As a personal description, art is something that is created to create an emotional state within the creator, the audience, or both. Some art is made only for the artist, some is made in expectation of an audience, and some is made more for the audience than the artist, even to the point of the artist disliking the work (see Michelangelo’s feelings towards the Sistine Chapel). Art often explores universal themes that cannot be codified or understood, and thus stand up to the scrutiny of millenia, Art deals in the mysteries: Love, Death, Religion, Truth.If you have to ask if an image is artistic, then that image is probably not artistic to you. That does not mean that it is not art, but it is not art to you.

2. What is science? How do you know if an image is scientific?

Science is the rigorously codified exploration of the unknown that is knowable. It is the practice of formalizing the cause of observed phenomena through observation and analysis, using constructed systems and language to place the phenomena in known territory. Science concerns itself with those things which can probably be explained. It is, in this way, more simplistic than art, but no less valuable. Science as a practice does not need humanity, but it needs human interpretations. It is also not supposed to be concerned with the petty vicissitudes of human nature, but in everyday life, this is not often the case.

3. How are art and science similar?

Both are exploration-oriented practices with a long history of value to society and periods of sudden, dramatic change.

4. How are they different?

Science focuses in questions to be answered, Art focuses on the experience of the last mysteries available to us.

5. What is engineering? How does it fit in (art vs science)?

Engineering is the solving of problems. It is a method. It can be applied equally to art and to science and is, regularly. Perspective drawing is a feat of engineering, paint and canvas are engineered. Scientists and some engineers sometimes seem to believe that engineering is the purview of science alone, but I find that completely incorrect and close-minded. Similarly, some artists (though not many in my experience) discount engineering as boring or unimportant to their everyday experiences without recognizing how engineering effects their practice and abilities.

6. What is filmmaking or photography? How does it fit in (art vs science)?

Filmmaking and photography are acts of using engineered tools to create scientific, artistic, and overlapped images through scientific principles . The tools themselves give no value judgements, and so can be used for whatever purpose.

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