Clouds First

Clouds First

This was the image used for the clouds first assignment. I determined it to be a stratocumulus cloud based on its shape and low altitude. Although stratocumulus can be much larger, I still believe these to be the type. The image used for this report was taken off highway 36. I chose to use this photo because of the contrast that it created because of the nice weather of the day. This was taken on March 5th at 2:55 pm. I found this photo to be a great example for this assignment of capturing a cloud, identifying it, and discussing the stability of the atmosphere that created this cloud formation. To capture this, I used my iPhone 7 and edited it with fotor. I used a black and white theme because I felt that it gave the clouds a strong contrast which made them easily identifiable. The black and white also helps to keep the clouds as the center of attention rather than the ground. Because I was using an iPhone, I had to take numerous pictures before one had decent enough quality. The autofocus feature on iPhones can make it difficult to capture subjects such as clouds.

The mountains seen in the background of the picture are much farther than they appear and likely have no effect on the clouds or the atmosphere around. Consulting a Skew-T diagram, the atmosphere is confirmed to be stable. Assuming the average length of the clouds in the picture are about 100 m , the density 1 Kg/m^3, the wind an average velocity of 4 m/s and the viscosity to be 1.7 * 10^-5 Ns/m^2, the Reynolds number of cloud is approximated to be Re=2.35 * 10^7 resulting in turbulent flow.

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