Best of Web // Max Rodgers

Best of Web // Max Rodgers

2018 Fall Best of Web

This incredible video shows an up-close slow-mo (start at 2:00) of one of the hardest fluid phenomena to photograph, cavitation.  The pistol shrimp is a small crustacean that is capable of snapping its claw with such force that it is able to generate an air bubble due to the rapid loss of pressure within the liquid.  As described by the scientists in the video, the cavitation itself was able to create temperatures (in a small area) that are greater than those on the surface of the sun.  These pistol shrimp are known to have been able to break through glass aquariums with this forceful trait and thus are required to be kept in specialized tanks to withstand the forces they can generate.


All video and experiment credits go to BBC Earth Unplugged (YouTube Link here) and the original video link HERE.

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