Best of Web – Hana Kieger

Best of Web – Hana Kieger

Photo Credit: John C. Owen (during his PhD)

I love these images, as they represent vortex flows. The website provided very limited information, so most of what I know came from researching vortex flows independently. Owen uses a highly contrasting image to clearly show where the flow is happening, and where the vortexes arise. The series of images show different patterns of vortexes, each one providing a unique and beautiful pattern. The images are very visually appealing, both to a scientific audience and to a lay audience. The flow visualization, since conducted during a PhD study, I assume provides important information about the flow of vertexes (I wish the website was more forthcoming about the background of the images, but nonetheless, they are still stunning).


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  • Michael Karns
    Sep 19, 2018 12:13

    Third Prize
    This is a simple image, but I like how smooth the lines are and how easy the transitions are from white to greeen and vise versa.


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