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In the video I have selected, you can see a lava lamp in which represents flow through the bubbles of “lava” inside the lamp. These bubbles are visually pleasing to watch due to the zero gravity effect of the bubbles and the glowing effect that the light with in the lamp produces, as well constant cycle of different globs rising and falling. The science behind the effect produced has to do with the heat from the light bulb. since the globs of “lava like” liquid all have similar densities, when one glob falls down to the light it is heated up causing expansion and a smaller density for the glob. This causes the particular glob to rise to the top of the lamp. when it reaches the top, it cools down and falls back down to the bottom and the cycle repeats.

Author of work: Christopher Seufert

Title of work: The Video Lava Lamp Sample (iScapes vol. 3)

Citation: Suefert , Christopher. “The Video Lava Lamp Sample (IScapes Vol. 3).” YouTube, YouTube, 29 Oct. 2007,

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