Best of Web // Dimario Cancanon

Best of Web // Dimario Cancanon

This video shows flow visualization techniques used to test the active aerodynamics and functional design of the Ford GT. The high performance vehicle is placed in a wind tunnel using an avergage wind speed of 125 mph to test interior wind noise acoustics and the vehicle aerodynamics. Its tear drop shape is a result of this extensive wind tunnel testing, and is responsible for minimizing drag and maximizing downforce [1]. The sleek and pleasing design of the Ford GT does not compromise functionality. Every scoop, grill, or opening has a designed purpose to benifit the vehicles aerodynamics and performance.

Video by Ford Performance:


[1] “Ford GT Supercar: Ford Sports Cars.” Ford Motor Company, 2019 Ford Motor Company, 2019,

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  • Dawood Ahmad
    Sep 18, 2019 00:03

    First Prize. This not only shows the science applied to the car, but also shows the beauty that results from it.


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