Best of Web // Alejandro Barron

Best of Web // Alejandro Barron

In the image below we can appreciate an amazing closeup shot of the Falcon Heavy back in February 6, 2018. What amazes me the most about this shot is the magnitude of propulsion generated by the rocket thrusters. This spacecrafts burn about 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen fuel which creates enough thrust for the spacecraft to reach orbit. we can also see water being pumped into the residuals of the combustion to help protect the lauch pad hardware and controllers. That gives the shot a more artistic touch as the fuel can be appreciated at different states. I think this is a perfect balance between science and art because rocket science is “out of this world” engineering and we can enjoy the different states of combustion. This photo was taken by Ryan Chylinski and I highly recommend following him on instagram [@sciencetripper] if you are into space exploration.

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  • Antonio Gueretta
    Sep 16, 2019 19:53

    Third Prize! I have always been fascinated with rockets and space. This image is breathtaking. The power and scientific accomplishments in this image are truly great. Thanks for the Instagram recommendation.


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