Best of Web // Cary Faulkner

Best of Web // Cary Faulkner

This video shows someone lighting a match and blowing out the flame, captured using Schlieren imaging. Interesting physics are shown, such as turbulent structures forming when striking the match and blowing out the flame, and hot gas from the flame rising due to buoyant effects. This video is also aesthetically pleasing and watching the process happening in slow motion with high quality imaging is mesmerizing. The complexities of the development of the flame, the rising plumes, and finally the attempt to blow out the flame are incredibly interesting to watch.

Credit: Victor Miller, Matthew Tilghman, and Ronald Hanson, Stanford University.

Video link:

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  • Alex Smith
    Sep 16, 2020 10:41

    2nd place for Best of Web. While it may not be the most colorful example of Schlieren imaging, it is definitely one that allows you to see fluid flow that we don’t even realize is happening during routine activity.


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