Hannah Moller // Image-Video 3

Hannah Moller // Image-Video 3

This video shows foam stabilization in two different fluids. One has stable foam stabilization and the other has unstable foam stabilization. The picture also shows the same phenomenon, just zoomed in.

“So Young at Heart” by Judson Crane; Creative License: CC by Apple

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  • Edgar Palma
    Nov 27, 2020 21:47

    I really like the side by side comparison of the two experiments.

  • Matthew McCallum
    Nov 13, 2020 12:58

    This is very interesting, I never knew that you could control the bubble duration like this.

  • Bryan Wong
    Nov 13, 2020 12:53

    I think this is a very simple but interesting experiment. I think the chemistry/physics involved in this experiment will be something cool to look into!

  • Reid Pritchard
    Nov 13, 2020 12:52

    I really like the comparison between the two and colors!

  • Olivia Ward
    Nov 13, 2020 12:51

    The comparison set up in the video is really nicely done!

  • Jillian Weber
    Nov 13, 2020 12:50

    Cool phenomena Hannah! I like the medium that you chose, the colors look quite cool!

  • Alex Smith
    Nov 13, 2020 12:48

    Very interesting idea. Comparison format is interesting to watch, and the video quality is excellent.

  • Jacob Christiansen
    Nov 13, 2020 12:45

    This is a very interesting experiment! Great job showcasing the results.


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