Emmalie Markham // Clouds 1

Emmalie Markham // Clouds 1

Scott Carpenter Park: August 30th at 7:17pm

— Edited image — Original image — Skew T graph for date of image —

The cloud type seen in this image is a combination of stratocumulus and altocumulus.

The atmosphere here is most likely unstable. Cumulus clouds are often associated with unstable atmospheres, as well as positive CAPE values. The CAPE value for the Stew T diagram ranges from 27 to 290 which could point to an unstable atmosphere.


Skew-T graph from 6am to 6pm on August 30th. Not able to select range of 6pm August 30th to 6 am August 31st on University of Wyoming Skew T graph website.

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  • Trevor Peterson
    Oct 18, 2021 13:13

    The color and light coming off the edges of the clouds looks great. Interesting choice of rotating the original image slightly!


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