Best of Web \\ Corey Schroeder

Best of Web \\ Corey Schroeder

This photo shows vortices coming off the wing of single engine plane flying over a plume of red smoke. The smoke appears to revolve in a tightening circle that dissipates as it reaches the center. This disturbance in the air gives the illusion that the image has been artificially distorted. The red smoke against the blue background provides excellent contrast to visualize the effects of the wingtip vortices. I think the compression of the plane and the smoke (likely attributed to a long focal length) ties the two together well. Overall, I think this is an appealing photo that would be interesting to recreate on a smaller scale.

Photo: NASA (Article on Vortices, Brian Dunbar)

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  • Robert Sasse
    Sep 15, 2021 17:31

    First Prize – The colors in the picture are really good. I like the contrast. The red smoke wingtip vortices have a really cool shape and do a good job of showing this phenomenon.

  • Trevor Peterson
    Sep 13, 2021 09:59

    First Prize – This image looks like it’s photoshopped, and provides interesting information regarding the flow caused by the wing tips as the airplane takes off. The color of the smoke contrasts well with the image and also provides a good aesthetic appearance to the image.


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