Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron

This image was taken by simply sticking a denture cleaning tablet to the bottom of a jug, and then pouring water in and taking a high shutter speed image of the bubbles rising. One of the reasons I chose to use this was because I actually got lucky with my lighting and there was a small beam of light peeking through the blinds that perfectly illuminated the bubbles rising. Once that happened I turned out all the other lights in the room and was able to snap a really cool shot!

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  • Isaac Lammers
    Oct 5, 2021 15:01

    I like the contrast that is provided by choosing to make this image black and white. You edited this photo really well and highlighted a cool flow! Wonderful job!

  • Trevor Peterson
    Sep 29, 2021 13:11

    Great idea to tape the tablet to the bottom of the jug to ensure that it was in focus. I love the choice of monochrome for the photo.


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