Cloud 1 – Robbie Cooper

Cloud 1 – Robbie Cooper

This is a photo I took of a sunset in Rehoboth, DE July 12th, 2022. The skew-T diagram is of wallop Island in coastal northern VA, 80 miles south of where the photo was taken.


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  • Nathan Gallagher
    Nov 30, 2022 17:06

    The red in the bottom is wonderfully edited, very nice!

  • William M Watkins
    Oct 16, 2022 16:21

    The colors in this photo are phenomenal. I love the edits!

  • Cole Smith
    Oct 10, 2022 12:45

    The coloration of this color is really cool and my favorite part is how the super textured clouds are right in the middle of the image.

  • Kelsie Kerr
    Oct 10, 2022 12:40

    The colors that you capture in this photo are awesome! Did you do anything when editing to enhance it or is it this vibrant straight from the camera?

  • Ryan Wells
    Oct 10, 2022 12:37

    I really enjoy the colors in this image. The main feature of the sunset on the clouds is vibrant but also the clear light blue skies on the top of the image. It gives the feel of being outside of the storm and clouds looking in.

  • Kendall Shepherd
    Oct 10, 2022 12:36

    I really like the colors and lighting. The gradient from pink/red to dark blue to light blue is really pretty. It also looks like there are a lot of different types of clouds in this photo. The clouds in the middle are very different than the ones at the top of the photo.

  • Will Dietz
    Oct 10, 2022 12:34

    The color and lighting on this image is super beautiful! I thought the contrast between the cool blue and the bright pink/red is really unique.

  • Lana Pivarnik
    Oct 10, 2022 12:33

    The colors that you captured/edited are amazing and capture a really cool phenomenon. I really like how there are so many different layers. The red of the sun is very cool but the middle layers and the variation in brightness between the clouds is amazing.


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