Best of Web Fall 2022 – Lana Pivarnik

Best of Web Fall 2022 – Lana Pivarnik

This video by Reuben Wu displays the granular flow of a sand dune. The video shows how the particle-particle interactions of individual sand grains can shift the entire side of the dune. The sand grains collide with one another and form force chains that drive the flow of the sand. The sharp contrast line between the lit and unlit sides of the dunes makes the video very beautiful and accentuates the flow visualization.

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  • Will Dietz
    Sep 14, 2022 23:51

    First Prize: I think sand physics are so interesting because it seems to exhibit both solid, and liquid mechanics. I like the way the sand is settled initially due to the wind, and then how it periodically flows and settles after being disturbed.


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