Clouds 2 // Marina McCann

Clouds 2 // Marina McCann

This picture was taken on October 20th at 6:20 pm in Longmont, CO.

According to the Skew-T, these clouds were likely mainly cumulus clouds.

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  • Sander Leondaridis
    Dec 14, 2022 15:59

    Love the dark contrast in this. Makes for a much different looking image compared to a lot of other ones.

  • Martin Allsbrook
    Dec 14, 2022 00:09

    The color editing on this is fabulous and I love the contrasting colors, my only change would be to crop out some of the blown out parts of the lower sky and trees as i feel they distract from the image atm.

  • Robert Cooper
    Dec 13, 2022 00:28

    The color is soooo dope! The clouds lot hot, but the sky above looks cold. The scatering of the clouds and the way they’re highlighted is amazing.

  • Bryce Dickson
    Dec 12, 2022 02:12

    While the sky on the bottom looks somewhat overexposed, I think it’s cool how it silhouettes the trees, and the color works well with other colors in the shot.

  • I like the different colors of the clouds.

  • Lana Pivarnik
    Dec 7, 2022 13:04

    What great colors! I think that your editing adds to the image and I really like the brightness under the clouds and the darkness above.

  • Cole Smith
    Dec 7, 2022 12:53

    The colors in this image are awesome, and captures really well the reflections of a sunset on the underside and broadside of cumulus clouds. I’d be curious to see what the unedited image looks like too.


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