Fall 2023 Best of Web- Izzy Young

Fall 2023 Best of Web- Izzy Young

This image displays magma flowing down a hill. As the molten rock is exposed to the air, the outer portion cools and transitions to a dark gray. Underneath, the vibrant yellow shines through and streams across earth’s surface. Smaller formations can be discovered the deeper one examines the photograph. Magma forms by the inner mantle layer of the earth melting and can be up to 1,300 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest liquid. Additionally, magma flows slowly, creeping at less than one kilometer per hour. I find the physical qualities of magma fascinating and unlike any other substances on earth. The viscosity of the magma can determine the shape of a volcano and carve through land easily. I appreciate natural flow, representing true beauty in nature. The glowing warm tones juxtaposed with the hardened dark colors bring depth and intrigue to the photo. This gorgeous force of nature will destroy anything in its path.

Source: Budkov Denis, National Geographic

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  • Avery Fails
    Sep 11, 2023 20:39

    Third prize. I love the contrast in vibrance of the flow as the outer layers cools when in contact with the surface. This cyclical flow, of the hot interior breaking through to the surface, is well illustrated here.

  • Sarah Hartin
    Sep 11, 2023 13:08

    Third Prize
    I think the contrast between the brightness and the vibrancy of the hot lava and the dark colors of the cooled lava create a very interesting image. Additionally, I think lava is a very interesting fluid to study as it is very unique and uncommon in daily life.

  • Jessica Holmes
    Sep 11, 2023 11:15

    Third Place – I feel like lava is often an under-considered fluid, the natural colors and contrast make it a great example of complex flow and flow visualization.

  • Rachel Marbaker
    Sep 10, 2023 18:54

    First Prize: I love the intensity of the colors and the way the streamlines of the flow are visible in the color -temperature gradient.The smooth fluid curves are in such contrast to the cutting, jagged stone that will result from flow cooling.


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