Fall 2023 Best of Web – Stella Meillon

Fall 2023 Best of Web – Stella Meillon

This video is a demonstration of cymatics, which is the artistic science of visual sound. The physics behind this was first described by Ernst Chladni, who was dubbed the father of acoustics. He developed the Chladni plate, which was a vibrating plate that made it possible to visualize the energy of sound. In this video, the artist uses colored light over water whilst playing Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” For me, this form of art is entrancing; I find it difficult to look away and I’m sad when the video ends. I’ve watched this so many times, and am fascinated by the way the water reflects the emotions I’m feeling due to the music. Being able to visualize the music gives it a stronger presence in my mind and successfully reflects the meditation intended by the artist, which he studied in India and says heavily influenced his work.

Photography Credit: Jacob Lee Adlington, Brisbane, AUS

Artist Website: https://journeyofcuriosity.net/

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  • Corey Murphey
    Sep 9, 2023 08:57

    Third Prize

    I love the lighting the photographer used here. I have seen many Faraday wave and cymatics videos, but none that chose to use multiple wavelengths of light to augment the effect. The lighting helps illuminate the waves. I too found this a beautiful artistic representation of the effects of vibration on a shallow body of water.

  • Austin Sommars
    Sep 8, 2023 08:50

    First Prize

    This is such a neat way to display the way sound interacts with fluids. I like seeing the different patterns that vary with different notes and pitches of the instrument!


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