Best of Web 2023 – Greg Kornguth

Best of Web 2023 – Greg Kornguth

This image taken by NASA’s Langley Research Center depicts a method of visualizing flow in which oil is sprayed on an aircraft in a wind tunnel to make it easy to see the flow patterns on the surface of the aircraft. I chose this photo because the patterns are beautiful and look straight out of a sci-fi movie, but also provide crucial insight into the aerodynamics of the aircraft and can help predict its performance.

Author of Visual: NASA Langley/Preston Martin

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  • Maddie O'Brien
    Sep 11, 2023 14:56

    3rd Prize: Before looking image, I hadn’t really thought that fluid flow over a vehicle could have much beauty. However this image captures just how beautiful aerodynamics can be in a way that I had never considered before. I also think its really cool how you can see the boundaries between different types/ speeds of flows over the plane.

  • Monica Luebke
    Sep 9, 2023 21:22

    Second Prize: This photo clearly depicts the phenomenon or air and atmospheric moisture as it travels across an airborne object specifically an airplane. Not only is the coloring and lighting beautiful, but it also forces you to think about the aerodynamics that occur when you fly in an airplane; something that is definitely overlooked. I mostly appreciate the contrast of the laminar flow along the body of the plane with the turbulent flow from the wings.


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