A Low Octane Victory // Best of Web // Ciaran Rochling

A Low Octane Victory // Best of Web // Ciaran Rochling

These series of images demonstrate the duality of peak level motor sport.

While millions of dollars and the worlds most high tech wind tunnel testing and supercomputer CFD modelling can be put to use developing the worlds fastest racing cars… sometimes at the end of the day it is best to keep it simple, stupid. 

Applied generously to the left forward suspension and side pod of Sergio “Checo” Perez’s 2023 Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car at the 2023 Bahrain Pre-Season Testing, the green flow-vis paint acts as a bare-bones method of understanding the aerodynamics of the race car.

As the open seater car hurls around the circuit at 300+ KPH, the adrenaline of everyone begins to spike.

“Will my design have enough downforce and grip to make the corner?”

“Will my design be too draggy down the straight and inhibit top speeds?”

These are questions the aerodynamicist back home at the Milton Keynes RedBull Racing factory ask themselves.

When it all comes together, victory is the only answer. Pictured second is Checo’s emphatic celebration where he jumps into the arms of his loving mechanics at the 2023 Azerbaijan Grant Prix.

The poetic and artistic nature of flow vis paint on a race car can not be understated. It’s an aerodynamicist dream to see their child come to life as it takes Copse Corner at 280 KPH… The lateral load of over 5 g’s stripping away the paint to reveal the underlining flow visualization concepts.

And at the end of the day… “To finish first, you must first finish.” – Juan Manuel Fangio, 5 time World Drivers’ Champion

Images taken by Kym Illman and published to Prostarpics.com

Bahrain 2023 Pre-Season Testing: here

Azerbaijan 2023 Grand Prix Victory Celebration: here

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