Fall 2023 Best of Web – AJ Corne

Fall 2023 Best of Web – AJ Corne

2023 Best of Web

This image of Jupiter’s many storms taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft truly shows how flow visualization can be both art and science. The swirling lines look as though they have taken inspiration from a Van Gogh painting. I also really enjoy the color composition of this picture with the deep blue dominating the top right. However, it is the science that might make this picture even more interesting as we get a large scale view of turbulent flow in action. Turbulent flow is such an interesting subject as the chaotic nature of turbulence is difficult to model.

Credit: Enhanced Image by Gerald Eichstädt and Sean Doran (CC BY-NC-SA) based on images provided Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

Link: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/jpl/pia21973/high-above-jupiter-s-clouds

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  • Riley Menke
    Sep 13, 2023 11:48

    Second Place,

    This image is so beautiful! I really liked how the main aspects of Jupiter we expect to see were almost overshadowed by the rest of the flow. Similar to the other picture of Jupiter, I like that you selected this subject because it displays just how grand the laws of physics are across the universe.

  • Third Prize
    I absoluetly love the types of amazing images we can get from these massive bodies that exist in outer space. The turbulence in this particular type of flow where it mimics the Van Gogh style is also a very beautiful phenomenon and I wish this choatic type of nature were easier to recreate in a repeatable artistic medium.

  • Avery Fails
    Sep 11, 2023 20:35

    Second prize. Jupiter’s storms have been mysterious as they have been beautiful. The meteorological effects at this scale are still not well understood, but the clear definition in the flows help scientists visualize these patterns.

  • Kenny Olavarria
    Sep 11, 2023 15:04

    Third Prize – this image truly brings to life flow visualization in nature. I would have never expected Jupiter’s atmosphere to be so vibrant and full of contrast. One can forget the immense scale of planetary phenomena in this photo – each swirl is likely twice as large as earth.

  • Sarah Hartin
    Sep 11, 2023 13:05

    Second Prize
    I agree with you that this picture looks like a work of art. I think the balance of the colors and the many different swirls combine to create a very visually appealing image. It is a great example of the complexity of a planets atmosphere.

  • Abhishek Raut
    Sep 11, 2023 11:46

    Second Prize: The turbulent mass of the gas giant Jupiter offers striking images. The different bands, vortices, trails, and warm colors, all contribute towards this and are hypothesized to be formed due to the heat coming from the center of the planet, as opposed to the atmospheric turbulence on Earth which has more contribution of the heat from the sun.

  • Jessica Holmes
    Sep 11, 2023 11:13

    Second Place – Pondering the scale of these vortices makes me feel small; my imagination runs wild thinking about seeing these in person.

  • Izzy Young
    Sep 11, 2023 10:36

    First Prize
    This image is a beautiful composition of colors and looks like a painting. I love how it displays fluids flowing so far away on Jupiter, demonstrating the importance of flow visualization beyond just Earth’s boundaries. It is incredible how stunning a turbulent flow can be.

  • Haotian Chen
    Sep 11, 2023 00:02

    First Prize: This image illustrates the extremely complex atmospheric systems of the planets (not only Jupiter, our Earth also has complex atmospheric activity). These unfathomable atmospheric activities have instead become an excellent tool for displaying art. The high resolution of this image is also a sign of the great progress that humans have made on the way to space exploration.

  • Jonathon Gruener
    Sep 10, 2023 18:55

    Third Prize.

    I think this image is beautiful. It honestly looks more like a painting than a photograph to me. The color palette is stunning and makes for a great picture

  • Bradley Schumacher
    Sep 10, 2023 14:34

    Second Prize: The swirls and color palette are grab your attention immediately. The scale of these mechanical phenomena is mind-boggling. The white swirl in the upper-left, the blue swirl in the bottom middle, and the blue patterns in the top-right are great focal points to draw viewers’ eyes to. I also loved your comparison to Van Gogh, the swirls of Jupiter are very reminiscent of works like Starry Night.

  • Peter Jakubczak
    Sep 9, 2023 13:16

    Second prize.
    I love the comparison between this and the Van Gogh painting. It fascinates me that there are such detailed images of Jupiter. This is truly a great example of the physics and aesthetics of fluid.

  • Sierra Greeley
    Sep 8, 2023 12:39

    Second Prize
    This image caught my eye because of the swirls, I actually had no idea that it was Jupiter until I read your description. I think space is so fascinating. This image really shows a good balance of science and art. Also it is so amazing that they can take detailed photos of entire planets like this.


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