Dry Ice on the Sidewalk – Zach Turner

Dry Ice on the Sidewalk – Zach Turner

Coauthors: Kenny Olavarría & Kushal Kedia

Carbon Dioxide has a freezing point of -109 degrees Celsius. The vapours are hardly visible unless water is added as seen in the photo above. The vapour you see is water poured onto the dry ice.

The lighting was an attempt to partially diffuse the flash of the camera.

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  • Maddie O'Brien
    Sep 20, 2023 13:07

    Hi Zach!

    The background of this image is super interesting, it reminds me of the surface of Mars or something. I was wondering, how long did you have to take photos before the dry ice fully sublimated?

  • Stella Meillon
    Sep 20, 2023 13:01

    I liked learning how much you played around with the image to try and visualize the vapor.


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