Leo Steinbarth – Get Wet F’23

Leo Steinbarth – Get Wet F’23

In this intriguing experiment, I set up a unique apparatus using simple materials: a balloon, electrical tape, and an exacto knife. Within an electrical tape shaped-box, I carefully punctured a small hole in a water-filled balloon and created a controlled environment for observing laminar flow. As water flowed through the tiny opening, it accelerated. According to Bernoulli’s principle, the pressure within the stream decreases as velocity increases. This resulted in the balloon contracting and expelling water in a smooth, mesmerizing manner as if it was frozen in time.


Canon EOS Rebel T6

18-55 mm Lens

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  • Austin Sommars
    Sep 25, 2023 23:05

    This was a really cool display of laminar flow, I never knew it was so easy to do with just a balloon!

  • Corey Murphey
    Sep 18, 2023 13:28

    This was a really creative setup (one I had never seen before). I found the text and the story you told through your video really effective. While the stream was really well highlighted against the background, I encourage you to experiment with other more neutral backgrounds in the future to really draw out starkness of that motionless stream. Good work!

  • Michael Becerra
    Sep 15, 2023 14:01

    Hi Leo,

    I like the way you chose to showcase laminar flow as I think it’s more creative than traditional ways like using a faucet and sink. I also liked how you utilized text throughout your video in order to inform the viewer of what they were seeing which is great. The overall experiment was also just cool to see as the water looks like a still image but is still flowing.


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