Team First – Peter Jakubczak/ Team Kohlrabi

Team First – Peter Jakubczak/ Team Kohlrabi

Above is a photograph of a sheet of turbulent smoke through a laser. By capturing vortices and turbulent flow this will demonstrate a high Reynolds number.

The following camera settings were used:

1/5, f/5.6, 30.0 mm, 12800 iso

Credits to the following team memebers:

Kenny Olavarria, Sam Lippincott, Hannah DelGuercio


Team First_Jakubczak

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  • Sierra Greeley
    Nov 27, 2023 22:34

    Hello Peter,
    I think that the contrast of the green with the pitch black background in this image is super intriguing. The detail you were able to capture is amazing. The green color is also really beautiful.


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