2023 Team First – Hannah DelGuercio

2023 Team First – Hannah DelGuercio

Canon EOS M50 Mark II, f/5.6, 1/5 exposure, 12800 ISO, Focal Distance 1.43 m, Focal Length 30.00 mm

Plan: We plan to photograph turbulent flow smoke vortices utilizing a laser sheet. The image will capture vortices and turbulent flow which demonstrate the fluid’s Reynold’s Number. Air is the fluid and the flow is from installed ventilation. The smoke is a seed material that illuminates the flow of the air.

Set up: The laser and the smoke machine were set up perpendicular to each other such that the output of the smoke machine would put smoke directly in front of the laser. The laser was pointed into a velvet backdrop to help create a color contrast between the green of the laser and the black of the velvet. This photo was taken from directly behind the laser.

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