Team First – Stella Meillon

Team First – Stella Meillon

2022, 2023 Team First

A visualization of a crystal protruding from a ferromagnetic bubble of fluid. The fluid was magnetized to a magnetic hook, with variations in the magnetic interaction.

Camera Settings: Shutter Speed: 1/800, f/5.6, 55.0 mm, 1000 ISO

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  • Sarah Hartin
    Oct 2, 2023 11:52

    I really like the focus on the ferrofluid itself, with a large contrast on the blurred background. I think that this contrast really enhances the image and helps highlight the fluid phenomenon occurring in the image.

  • Monica Luebke
    Sep 29, 2023 13:12

    I like the sharpness of this image. Was the clarity of the fluid flow and the contrast with the blurred background all done in post photo editing or was it completed on site with the camera settings?

  • Izzy Young
    Sep 29, 2023 12:41

    I love the reflections that are in this image, I think it shows some of the properties of the fluid quite well.


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