Team Third – Hannah DelGuercio

Team Third – Hannah DelGuercio

Focal Length70 mm
Focal Distance0.37 m

The artistic intent of this photograph was to create an aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical pattern. However, the scientific intent of this photograph was to visually depict magnetic waves using ferrofluid. Ferrofluid contains magnetic particles that align with the magnet’s magnetic field in a phenomenon called the normal field instability.
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  • Monica Luebke
    Dec 6, 2023 12:00

    The focus and coloring of this photo was very artistic. What component did you place the ferrofluid on to capture the image?

  • Sierra Greeley
    Nov 28, 2023 20:56

    Hello Hannah,
    I like your choice of cropping so that the center of the ferrofluid is off-center in the image. I think it draws your eye throughout the entire image. I think the image could benefit from highlights but overall its really nice.


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