Gregory Kornguth Clouds Second

Gregory Kornguth Clouds Second

This photo was taken on CU’s east campus on December 7th. I thought that the blue sky behind the cloudy spots provided a very good contrast and made it easy to see finer details in the clouds. I also liked the sections of mini clouds branching off of the main chunks of cloud.

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  • Corey Murphey
    Dec 11, 2023 16:35

    The color gradient of the blue sky is so cool! I like that you chose a “simple” cloud — I think the simplicity of the pure blue background brings out the interesting features in the clouds (e.g., the turbulence). While I think this image is really great as it is, I would love to see this image as a black-and-white image too! I suspect that you will have really strong whites and blacks (features that make a good monochrome image)! Great work!


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