Best of Web SP18 – Yousef Taqi

Best of Web SP18 – Yousef Taqi

Photot Credit: Melissa Buss


The photograph taken above shows the sporadic nature of a water bubble the at the exact moment of burst. The irregular stretch that takes place shows how the the water particles simultaneously explode outwards and away from the center of the bubble splitting into thousands of little droplets.

The stretch that occurs of the bubble itself, which takes place within a split second, also shows how thin the layer of liquid surrounding the bubble decreases to. This decrease in substance bends the light reflected on it quite unpredictably, leaving an ambient color being dispersed off the water.

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  • Julian Quick
    Feb 2, 2018 09:43

    2nd place. This picture made great use of time accuracy/precision, making us see an ordinary phenomenon in a new way.


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