Best of Web // Avery Eastberg

Best of Web // Avery Eastberg

This video demonstrates and explains the process that occurs when two vortices are projected at one another, and the ensuing collision. Two air pumps are submerged into a tank of water, facing one another; when activated, each air pump launches a vortex of dye into the water. When done simultaneously, the two vortices will collide in the center space between the opposing pumps. What I find intriguing is how tedious and exact the vortices had to be launched in order for a collision to occur that would birth smaller vortices along the collision’s edge. The experiment demanded each variable to be calculated and executed precisely, which consequently yielded a beautiful visualization. The radial symmetry and expansion that becomes of the collision is captivating in both artistic and scientific respects.

Video created by Destin Sandlin, and published to his YouTube channel SmarterEverDay.

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  • Ivan Komodore
    Oct 19, 2018 12:06

    3rd Place

  • Maxwell Rodgers
    Sep 17, 2018 19:20

    First Prize!
    This video shows an incredible event occurring that I can’t imagine was easy to accomplish. I really liked the use of different colored dye within the water, this not only demonstrates how the two vortex rings combine, but also allows us to see mixing within the water.


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