Best of Web// Anna Lynton

Best of Web// Anna Lynton

Many of my other favorite pictures and videos I found while searching had vibrant colors and complex patterns. However, this simple GIF stood out to me after I found that the fish was not alive. Visually, there is a simply contrast between dark and light. The viewer’s eye is easy drawn to the fish’s body and tracts it’s movement. The image is full of soft lines and circle energy which becomes mesmerizing to watch.
The fish looks like it is alive and swimming, but is in fact moving due to passive propulsion. The vortices in the water move the fish’s body to cause the tail and head to point different directions. If positioned correctly, as in this GIF, there is a resonance between the vortices and the fish that generates thrust. This means the fish can hold its position or even move up stream without expending any energy.
BEAL, D., HOVER, F., TRIANTAFYLLOU, M., LIAO, J., & LAUDER, G. (2006). Passive propulsion in vortex wakes. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 549, 385-402. doi:10.1017/S0022112005007925
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  • Brandon Gushlaw
    Sep 19, 2018 14:46

    Third Prize
    This photo says so much about nature and the species that inhabit these spaces. The flow can be seen especially in the fishes dynamic motion.

  • Noah Granigan
    Sep 19, 2018 12:24

    Third Prize! I like how without understanding any of the math behind the fluid dynamics, other species can learn about different fluid phenomenon and use them to make their life easier.

  • Matthew Finney
    Sep 19, 2018 09:00

    Third prize
    I like the use of black and white in this video because it limits distraction and draws attention to the fish swimming in water.

  • Second prize
    I like how simple this video is – you aren’t distracted by flashy colors, and simply are able to see how the fish interacts with the water.


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