Best of Web- Ross Cooper

Best of Web- Ross Cooper


Photo By: Mark Bamley

Seen in: Car and Driver June 2014

This photo is remarkable in many ways.  It shows how engineering and art go hand in hand.  As you can see there is a car (Tesla Model S) in a wind tunnel with several visible air flow streams highlighted with a vapor.  The car itself was designed to have a low coefficient of drag and a large down-force.  But it was also designed to look stylish at the same time.  This photo highlights the beauty of the flow being altered because of the car, as well as the design of the car.  This visualization of flow is not only visually stunning, but extraordinarily practical.

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  • Bradley Busek
    Sep 21, 2018 09:11

    Second Prize! It’s amazing to see the flow over the model S, it looks incredibly clean


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