Best of Web // Brent Eckles

This video shows some of the earliest recorded flow experiments performed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics which would later become NASA. This video serves as a great benchmark as to show the great strides in not only the understanding of fluids but our methods to capture the phenomena. These videos show a variety of common shapes and how the shape affects the flow across it, as well as the affects of the angle of attack. Turbulent and laminar flow of the fluid traveling over the assorted shapes can be visualized by the tail end flow. Artistically speaking, even though the videos are slightly crude, the white and black contrast offers a clean and simple visual that is very calming.

This is a Public Domain Film Titled NACA Technical Film No. 2 Fundamental Nature of Air Flow and Flow Separation. This video is credited to the 1935 test conducted at NASA Langley Research Center’s 2 foot Smoke Flow tunnel.

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