Best of Web – Ziwei Zhao

Best of Web – Ziwei Zhao

Storm is caused by strong disturbance from atmosphere and severe weather changes. The vision of the storm is a very typical example of flow visualization. By observing the phenomenon of the typhoon and the change of airflow, people can predict the movement of typhoon. This is accomplished by meteorological observation.
This video is a kind of meteorological observation taken by amateurs. It shows 5000 images to record the flow of Isolated Super-cell,tornado, rainbow and lightning storm. In this video, the clouds change variably.
Video Credit: Pecos Hank
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  • Dylan Crane
    Sep 24, 2018 12:23

    First Prize. That is an incredibly rare and hard to capture thing in nature and the photo is very artistic as well. It’s not cluttered but draws the attention to the cloud and the single bolt of lighting

  • Brandon Gushlaw
    Sep 19, 2018 14:42

    Second Price
    So much information can be read from this photo. The coloring is amazing and the background is truly inspiring. The expansion of the cloud towards the left really demonstrates the power behind the storm.

  • Third prize
    I love this image – I grew up in Nebraska, where there are huge thunder storms during the summer, so this image takes me back. It is quite humbling to see something so massive and powerful.


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