Best of Web // Hannah Newton

Best of Web // Hannah Newton

I appreciate the art of this photo in combination with the visualization of the wave crashing. We can see the way the water disperses and travels through the air after a wave crashed into this person. The photo captures the essence of chaos while showing chaotic turbulent flow. On either side of the subject in the photo, we can see almost a wall of water. The streamlines of the water must move around the barrier and then they are very clearly in a turbulent flow. This photo’s ratios of the skyline and the centered person in the photo contribute the the aesthetic draw I had to the photo. Aaron Feaver is a portrait photographer but he brings in really interesting and beautiful elements that show scientific ideas in his work.


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  • James Hartwig
    Sep 18, 2020 20:00

    I vote for this submission as First Prize due to the way it shows the flow of water so violently around the subject.


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