Best of Web // Max Kitay

Best of Web // Max Kitay

This image portrays an instance of cymatics, the visualization of vibration and sound. The artist placed a dish of water on top of a speaker and lit the scene using LED lighting and strobe effects. The image produced is the result of vibrating liquid disturbing the flat air-water interface, creating intricate standing wave patterns. The results differ depending on the sounds being played. I enjoyed this piece particularly due to the beautiful shades of purple dispersed throughout as well as the intricate patterns captured, particularly the wavy humps along the outsides.

(Original source: Sharp, N. (2019, August 23). Psychedelic Cymatics. Retrieved September 02, 2020, from

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  • Chris Lehr
    Sep 21, 2020 12:12

    This is my third choice for best of web because I love music and the fact that we can use flow visualization to “bring it to life in our eyes” is simply mind blowing to me.

  • Axel Escareno
    Sep 16, 2020 12:59

    This is my third choice for the BOW assignment. It is a very cool visualization of sound vibrations, giving us insight into the underlying physics of this phenomena. The color also adds to the beauty of the waves.

  • Rae Rodriguez
    Sep 16, 2020 10:50

    3rd Place vote: I really appreciate the color scheme captured here by the LED lights. I also really like the mandala patter created by these standing waves. This image gives off a psychedelic tone, which is what drew me into this piece.

  • Alex Smith
    Sep 16, 2020 10:32

    This is my 3rd place for Best of Web. The work that must have gone into the setup and acquisition is obviously extensive and the symmetry of the lighting and standing wave pattern is too perfect.

  • Colton Oglesbee
    Sep 15, 2020 23:04

    I give this Max’s choice third for my vote of Best of Web 2020.
    Not only a beautiful image, but it’s crazy to imagine how this image would be captured. Not only the set up but I’m sure there is some crazy post production going on as well. Sweet find Max!


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