Best of Web

Best of Web

Flow paintings

For best of web I chose this a highly detailed picture of an abstract acrylic painting by the artist Mark Chadwick. On his Flickr page there are more shots of different paintings he has done, each with their own unique flow pattern. I think that paint is a really unique medium for showing flow patterns because all the colors stand out and you can see how the colors move with each other. This particular painting reminds me of a tributary flowing out into the sea, which is amazing that this paint can emulate something that actually occurs in nature. I highly recommend checking out the rest of his work because the designs and patterns that he creates are insanely beautiful and all very different.


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  • Max Kitay
    Sep 14, 2020 13:57

    Second place for Best of Web for me! I really enjoy the vast array of colors present in this image as well as the incredibly smooth curves throughout. It’s so neat to see how the different colors interact and blend with each other.


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