Best of Web // Anthony Arnopoulos

Best of Web // Anthony Arnopoulos

Kazuki Yamamoto’s latte art depicting Snoopy the dog

Depicted in the image above is a mind blowing depiction of Snoopy the dog through latte art. This piece was created by Kazuki Yamamoto; a latte art connoisseur. I personally enjoyed this image because of my experience in this category of art. Manipulating milk and espresso particles to achieve this type of detail can be tricky, due to the fact that there are a lot of factors that can affect your art, i.e. pressure, density, the concentration of water and espresso, angle of the cup, etc. One aspect of fluid visualization that comes to mind to me is the pouring of the milk into the espresso. I say this because the height of the milk pitcher from the cup can change the flow of the fluid from a laminar flow to a turbulent flow; making it difficult to achieve something like this, with this much detail. I personally enjoy this photo because it incorporates two subjects that I really enjoy; latte art and fluid mechanics. The type of precision and fluid manipulation that this piece required is beyond phenomenal. I one day hope that I can study the perfect circumstances of physics to recreate this.

Credits: Kazuki Yamamoto

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