Best of Web // Bridget Cain

Saski Boelsums Clouds

Best of Web // Bridget Cain

This photo shows clouds floating above a glimmering body of water. The water is refracting and shining in a pattern across the surface of the water, causing the sunlight to shine off the water. This shows that the water is moving dynamically, even though the scene appears quite still. The clouds seem to be a mix of different types of cumulonimbus, stratus, and cirrus. They combine together with dynamic colors. On the right side, weather seems to be heightening, while on the left, bright rays of sunshine illuminate the white clouds. All in all, I think it is a beautiful photo, and it would be cool to recreate certain aspects of refraction, or light shining through a medium like the clouds later in the class.

Photo: Saskia Boelsums (cloud photographer, Landscape #02)

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