Best of Web – Gus Santaella

Best of Web – Gus Santaella

(LOOK AT THE VIDEO!!!) I coincidentally saw this in a class today and thought it was a really, really, really cool (and rather complex) example of flow visualization. I struggled to understand it at first, but further research and reading the interesting things people were commenting under the video linked below helped me better understand it. This simple experiment of Laminar Flow was developed by John DeMoss and Kevin Cahill from the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of New Mexico. In here, the three different colored dyes are dropped into a highly viscous material and then they’re stirred. Given that the stirring is done slowly, the dyes never really mix together in space and are “layered” in a way (Laminar flow). Hence, when they’re unstirred, they return to their original starting states and positions. In my opinion, both the initial droplets, the “unmixed” mix generated by the stirring, and the final unstirring to get back to the original state (all recorded by the camera) provide a great and cohesive example of how flow can be visualized in all of its artistic and scientific glory. (


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  • Robert Sasse
    Sep 15, 2021 17:29

    Second Prize – This is really wild fluids experiment. I have also seen it demonstrated in class and I think it is super cool!


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