Best of Web Fall 2021 – SpaceX Raptor Engine Test

Best of Web Fall 2021 – SpaceX Raptor Engine Test

Static Test Fire of SpaceX’s Raptor Engine

This image comes from a SpaceX “Startship Update” video from Sep. 28, 2019, which was not credited to a specific creator. I personally love the colors and shape of the flow. It is interesting to look at the mach diamonds and see how they transition from laminar to turbulent. I also love the lighting effect the rocket burn creates on the dust getting kicked up from the ground.

SpaceX Starship Update

Engine test happens at 28:40

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  • Bryce Gallo
    Sep 16, 2021 17:50

    Third prize. I really like how the dust looks like it is in daylight, but is only illuminated by the jet engine


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