Best of Web – Mujtaba Al Hubayl

Best of Web – Mujtaba Al Hubayl

The picture of Pahoehoe arching fountain was taken in Hawaii on the 1st of May 2008. The picture shows an aggressive eruption about 10 m high which resulted eventually in lava flow. Both the volcano eruption and the lava flow are turbulent flows, which means that their Reynolds number are higher than 3500. I like that the picture was taken using fast shutter speed which is why the volcano eruption appear to be freezing while it is in motion. Moreover, I love this picture because the timing at which it was taken is great because it depicts the flow as extremely turbulent at the top-left of the picture and it becomes less turbulent as it falls downward. Overall, I think that this photo is a fabulous piece of art, and it would be even more interesting if it was taken using long exposure to capture the motion of the lava flow.

Photo Credit: J.D Griggs

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  • Kelly Sikora
    Sep 16, 2021 11:30

    Second Prize – I really appreciate the arch created by the lava and how the smaller droplets are so clear

  • Shawn Stone
    Sep 15, 2021 22:39

    First Prize: you can almost feel how heavy the lava is just from the photo. Also the shades of red that it has are spectacular.

  • Chris Nielsen
    Sep 15, 2021 18:31

    Third Place:

    This image does a great job of visualizing how aggressive the flow of lava was when erupting. I really enjoy the textures coming from the sharp focus on the specs of flying lava.

  • Tyler Gaston
    Sep 15, 2021 09:56

    Third Place – Lava dynamics look very visually interesting.

  • Sam Tameler
    Sep 14, 2021 23:36

    First Prize – While many of the other pictures were man made, this one is completely natural and captures the intense explosion of lava

  • Gus Santaella
    Sep 14, 2021 22:18

    First prize – I love how the aesthetic of the exploding lava looks and how its flow is interpreted in this beautiful image, where its contrasting and dramatic colors add a ton of depth to it. Plus, it’s a natural flow, which is my favorite kind of flow.

  • Sean Barton
    Sep 14, 2021 14:32

    First Prize: I really like how this image shows something that is considered very dangerous and highlights the beauty that can be seen in the flow of the magma.

  • Abdul Almutawtah
    Sep 13, 2021 19:16

    First Prize, I love how the image is captured and the level of risk the photographer has gotten to to capture this image!

  • Emmalie Markham
    Sep 13, 2021 12:44

    First Prize – The image is clear and captures even the smaller droplets. The color contrast between the red and the white also looks super cool and is interesting.


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